Tailored Service

Tailored Service to Suit ‘Your’ Company.

At Fleetkleen UK we are able to tailor our services to suit your needs and purpose, regardless of how relaxed or stringent those needs are. We are fully capable of offering a ‘Totally Customisable Service’ to each and every one of our customers.

Unlike many contract companies that offer vehicle cleaning of large vehicle fleets, we will flex and bend to your companies needs, operational roles and expectations.

Also by being an eco-conscious company we are also able to bring savings your business by saving it money on it’s annual corporate water bill*.

When compared to your employees washing their own vehicles and using excessive amounts of water, cleaning fluids, & allowing unknown quantities and potentially polluted water ‘run-off’ into surface water drains.

So Fleetkleen UK’s offering of a mobile on site ‘visitation’ cleaning service for all of your company vehicles or a permanently manned, on-site service, will constantly ensure that you will have ‘peace of mind’ in the quality of workmanship, the company savings and increased productivity of your staff.

Safety Priorities

We work closely with your company to establish a “Safe systems of work”, we carry out our own risk assessment of the working area and ensure all our staff are ‘health & safety inducted’ and can undergo a site safety awareness session with your company before we commence working with you.

Health & Safety is NOT something we take for granted. 1500 psi of water pressure can cause serious injuries to people and severe damage to property.

For a no obligation quotation or a demonstration visit contact us below and ask us how we can help your business.

* (where water is drawn from your premises as part of the agreement of works)